Miscellaneous Fire Equipment

Susquehanna Fire Equipment Company offers a wide variety of Miscellaneous Fire Equipment according to all emergency needs.




We make it a point to get out in the field and talk to our customers. We hold focus groups to hear what they like about our products; but we’re more interested in what they don’t like, what needs to be improved, and what lighting problems have yet to be solved. Customer feedback helps us continually improve existing products and create new and better ones. Since the most extreme hazardous conditions are often in dark places, Streamlight created a complete line of safety-rated lights. For the industrial market, we’ve developed lighting tools that are safe to use even around explosive gases and in other potentially explosive atmospheres.

Auto technicians can now easily see into the smallest, darkest engine crevices, thanks to the Streamlight Stylus Reach®, a powerful, lightweight penlight with a flexible cable. Our green LED clip-on penlights and headlamps are keeping outdoor enthusiasts safer, with an LED light so strong, it’s visible from over a mile away.


Survivor Series

A lightweight, right-angle flashlight designed to clip on to turn-out gear for easy, hands-free use. Super-bright, narrow beam penetrates smoke, fog and mist for improved visibility.

Stinger Series

These compact, super-bright, rechargeable, lightweight personal lights are the most powerful lights ever made in their size. The machined aluminum housing that’s anodized against corrosion and the unbreakable polycarbonate lens make the Stingers virtually indestructible.

LiteBox Series

The rugged, dependable LiteBox® was the first lantern with a swivel neck for full right-angle lighting. It runs up to 9 hours and is now brighter than ever with an innovative new bulb configuration. The high-intensity halogen bi-pin bulb, available in spot or flood, provides a beam of up to 105,000 Candela (peak beam intensity). An optional xenon Dual Filament system is available, providing the security of a backup safety beam.
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Gear Racks

Ready Rack’s corporate headquarters is located in Woodstock, IL. There we inventory, assemble, and package the various components that make up our products for shipment to our customers. Groves Incorporated partners with manufacturers in the United States and around the world. By using multiple sources, we are able to get the most competitive pricing for our customers, while maintaining the highest quality.

When you purchase a Ready Rack system through our nationwide fire service distribution network, you are supporting firefighters who often work second jobs as expert sales consultants. Our business plan allows these heroes to earn extra money to support their families and provides you with real hands-on product knowledge.

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PPE and Hose Dryer

The Ready Rack Fire-Station PPE/Hose Drying Cabinet is manufactured with the highest quality materials, and is designed for ease of use and long-lasting durability. The design offers wide flexibility to both warm & dry a variety of items in the fire station environment, with a focus on the need to dry items that cannot be dried using a traditional tumble action dryer.

ready rack

Multiple Purpose Storage System

Store a wide variety of equipment in a very small footprint with the Multiple Purpose Storage System. It can be configured to store 24 SCBA units, up to 32 air cylinders, up to 1,400′ of 2 1/2″ hose, or set up as a combination storage system depending on your Department.

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We provide the world with the most durable and well-engineered reels in the industry, and deliver them with the dependable, professional service Hannay Reels has always been known for. We have an unwavering commitment to listen to the needs of our customers and respond by crafting high-quality products that perform safely, efficiently, and economically.


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Exceptional design. Robust performance. Advanced capabilities.

For more than 30 years, Ramfan has been on the cutting edge of fire, industrial and marine ventilation products. Each and every one of our smoke ejectors, PPV fans, blowers and accessories represents the finest technology available, and is constructed to demanding and exact specifications for quality, performance and reliability.


SFEC participates in CoStars through the Emergency Responder Loose Supplies category under contract 012-85


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