Hose and Accessories

Susquehanna Fire offers quality hose through three manufacturers; North American Fire Hose, Neidner and Key Fire Hose.

Each manufacturer brings years of experience to the table, giving our customers excellence in manufacturing that meet all NFPA and other government standards. The proper accessories to these quality hoses are essential to making the hose safe and efficient. We can get caps and plugs, PVC suction hose, strainers, couplings, monitors and nozzles through Akron Brass and Kochek.


  • Key Fire Hose
  • Neidner
  • North American Fire Hose

Accessories: Nozzles & Adapters

  • Akron Brass
  • Kochek
  • Red Head Brass


SFEC participates in CoStars through the Emergency Responder Loose Supplies category under contract 012-85